Guides to Amsterdam

There is a lot that you can do in Amsterdam, there are a lot of places to go to besides Museums, Coffee Shops and the Red Light District. ;-)

In Amsterdam there is a wide variety in venues for live music. From Xtra-small to Xtra-large. check it out where to go on the Live Music pages.

You might wanna visit some Secondhand Shops or Outdoor Markets .The well organized shops are more expensive but the 'going home with something cool-percentage' is really high. If you have more time but less money you can go visit the out-door markets to search through piles of clothing for that one really cool thing.

On the Cool Shoping Places page we recommend you some places worthwhile going to...

Holland loves festivals and the festival season kicks off in May and ends in September. On the Summerfestivals page we will give you some recommendations and general info for you to pick out the festivals which suit you best.

So get out of that Hostel or Coffeeshop and start exploring Amsterdam... ;-)

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