Movies and Theatres in Amsterdam - Pathé Tuschinski

tuschinskiPathé cinema is market leader and has three cinema complexes in Amsterdam. All of them show blockbusters. An absolute must see is Pathé Tuschinski.

Originally built in 1921 by a Polish immigrant, this art deco cinema building is lush. Its richly decorated interior will do anything in its power to draw your attention away from the screen. In there you find yourself looking more to the stalls and the ceiling than to the actual film. Make sure that you do see the film in 'Zaal 1' . That's the main and most impressive theatre in the building.

tuschinski Location: Regulierbreestraat 26-34, Amsterdam Directions: Take tram 4, 9, 14, 16 or 25, stop at 'De Munt' (next to Rembrandtplein)

Reservations: 0900-1458
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