Keith Richards called their last tour the T- Shirt tour for they had to perform in different sized venues in every country (we still call it 'when are they ever gonna stop tour???'). In Amsterdam there is a wide variety in venues as well. From Xtra-small to Xtra-large.

One of smallest places to see bands is the Winston Kingdom. No Rolling Stones in here, but you'll find small Amsterdam bands who work really hard for some beer tickets and 35 minutes of fame. And most important, recognition of their talent...
The Badcuyp, Eerste Sweelinckstraat, is located in an area where people from all over the world live. And their program is the same: varying from Jazz sessions, Jam sessions for everyone to join in, or an African Dance evening. They serve food as well. Maloe Meloe is a small stage at the Lijnbaansgracht, a place where blues bands, and other American style bands, play.
For jazz, go to the Bimhuis at Oude Schans. Check their web site first, for they're moving to another part of town.
The two bigger, very known stages are the Paradiso (former church) and the Melkweg (former Milk factory), both are situated close to the Leidsesquare. Lots of famous bands have played here. Nirvana played in both, the Rolling Stones played inParadiso a few years ago. And Manu Chao did a surprise gig in the Melkweg last summer. Both venues are not too big so you can get the cosy 'I was there feeling'. But really big bands have outgrown these places. After the gigs both places turn into 'clubs' and the 'dance' night life starts.
The bands that have out grown the Paradiso and the Melkweg bands are most likely to play in the Heineken Music Hall, a brand new stage a hit outside of town Apparently the sound is really really good there.
And then for the Celine Dions and Bon Jovi's of this world Amsterdam has the Arena, (it's the Ajax soccer arena). Huge, so bring your binoculars. But for really big bands (or shall I say 'entertainers') this is your only option. This is Xtra Large, 52.000 seats, but I prefer the smaller venues. Check their web sites for up-to-date programmes. The Paradiso is worth going to just because of the beauty of the building. And in which other church can you drink, smoke, dance: flirt, kiss and do what ever...


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