Casablance - Live Jazz and Karaoke

Casablanca CafeCasablanca is the oldest and most famous jazz club in the Netherlands (started in 1945) and is located on the Zeedijk. Lots of stars have performed on this stage and live jazz performances continue still every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Fridays and Saturdays Casablanca has an open stage for Jazz musicians. And, if you have the voice of an angel and are in for a laugh, you should definitely visit the Casablanca karaoke nights on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the Kara"oké" Show is hosted by DJ Johan. Entrance at Casablanca Music is always free.

Casablanca VarieteBesides Casablanca Music, there is Casablanca Variété, a circus café for all European circus artists to meet. You can have dinner here, choosing from a variety of meat and fish, and enjoy performances in the old-fashioned theatre circus. Entrance to the shows is €5,-

Open: Tues to Sat 5pm, kitchen open 6pm, Sun and Mon closed
020 625 56 85

Location: Zeedijk 24
Website: Casablanca

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