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Nightlife in Amsterdam What to do and where to go for the best of Amsterdams legendary nightlife? Of course, that would be one of the first things you’ll want to know when visiting this great city of sin! The Amsterdam Agenda has selected venues for all tastes, varying from trendy clubs and lounges to live music venues and squats. Don’t forget to check the section with party organizations, which often throw the best parties on locations all over Amsterdam. For an up-to-date overview on this weeks parties, check the DJGuide or have a look at Partyscene.

The Dutch love to party!!!

Holland is home to many styles of dance music and holds eccentric clubs located all over the country. Especially in the big cities the club culture has grown extensively since the 90’s. Nowadays Amsterdam and Rotterdam are notorious hosts of a large number of clubs with the greatest variety amongst them. Hits such as Escape, Club iT, Roxy and Supperclub attained their world fame through their quality, atmosphere and extrovertly dressed guests.

Thanks to a dedicated home audience Dutch DJ’s have had a good opportunity to establish them-selves in this competitive industry. Living up to the increasing demand for quality and growing refine-ment of the clubber’s taste, the Dutch dance indus-try was able to export its music & DJ’s successfully around the globe. To name a few DJ’s/producers who have gained their fame and fortune: Tiësto (trance/progressive), Sander Kleinenberg (pro-gressive), DJ Jean (club), Ferry Corsten (trance) and Armin van Buuren (trance/progressive). Surely they haven’t forgotten about their roots and visit Holland often to rock their homely decks. Clubs that are current top of the list in Amsterdam are Paradiso, Melkweg, Panama and Hotel Arena (Tonight).

The club to be

The Hotel Arena building was once a regular house of God but is now an after sunset night club. So for all you sinners, this will be the place to confess your dark side. They invite many foreign acts and have a massive sound system.

The Escape is still a breading ground for new Dutch talent. From January onwards there will be a com-pletely new management so it’s still a surprise what this fresh wind will bring the Escape in 2005

Another great place is Panama. This venue is both a restaurant & club providing a stage for art, dancing, fashion, theatre and many other crazy things. The new management has put the spotlight on Panama’s club nights by providing performances of several amazing national and international DJ’s. Keep an eye on this club, brilliant new initiatives are bound to follow!

But wait there’s more!

There’s plenty more out there than the places men-tioned above, just check out the Music and Dance-halls section of this paper for other great clubs! Not to mention the festivals and parties held at vari-ous locations all over the country attracting crowds from a 100 up to a 100.000 people. Dutchies at their best ! Lucky for us the competition for party organisations is extremely fierce. Because of it, there is a continuing introduction of new found concepts on this market resulting in a huge offer of parties in any form and size. Dance Valley for instance attracted a massive number of over a 100.000 paying customers in 2001 which madethis the biggest dance festival in the world. You should check out their web site, (especially) since they now have an indoors Dance Valley Winter Edition in December!

Another huge party is called Sensation which is organized by ID&T, currently Holland’s most famous and biggest party organisation. They have two sen-sational editions each summer; White sensation represents the soft style, trance and club house and Black sensation features hardstyle, hard house and techno. In 2004 both parties took place indoors in the Amsterdam Arena which gives house to a crowd of up to 40.000 fanatics. Check out their web site for line ups or for one of the many other good parties they release all year ‘round.

Size doesn’t matter

If you prefer the smaller sized events, don’t worry, there are still loads of parties to check out. Awakenings is a very spectacular techno party held indoors every two months. Extrema is an interesting organisation with the craziest locations all over Holland.

In short, the best way to find out what rocks the Netherlands today is to check out the flyers in music- and clothing stores or to check the online party agenda!

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