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vintage guidesDo you love sixties designs, old faded Levis and that distinct smell of old clothing? So you love second hand shopping?!!. Here's a small vintage-guide through Amsterdam. The well organized shops are more expensive but the 'going home with something cool-percentage' is really high. If you have more time but less money you can go visit the out-door markets to search through piles of clothing for that one really cool thing.

Zipper in the Hoogstraat and the Runstraat is a well organised shop, with lots of blouses, dresses and skits. You're guaranteed to find something great here Cool place, but more expensive.
In the beginning of Haarlemmerstraat you'll find Wini. Lots of jeans and other pants, funky shoes and a few boxes with 1, 2 or 5 euro stuff. It's hard to leave this place without a full bag.

Episode is a big shop located at the Waterlooplein. Lots of clothing and other accessories. Loads of leather jackets.
But of course the whole Waterlooplein is full vintage. But touristy and tourist prices. Many old Adidas jackets, but also records and old cameras. Spend a fewhours just looking at all the crap, and you might find something
At the Zeedijk there is a small coffee bar called, Latei. Best chocolate pie in town, and the whole place is full of second hand stuff. No clothing, but cups, mugs, furniture, lamps and amazing wall-paper! Basically everything (but the girl). Do you want to go home with some crazy souvenirs, go to this place. You're surrounded by hallucinating sixties prints and the smell of fresh apple-pie. Sit down on a couch or comfortable chair and have a look at all your purchases while the craziness of the Zeedijk is passing by. For the more experienced second hand buyer, or for the
real penny pinching traveller, there are a few stores/markets in Amsterdam where you have to search a bit harder to find nice stuff, but it will be really cheap. And isn't it fun to find something really cool for only 2 euro's?

The best place is the Noordermarkt, on Monday morning. Piles of clothing and you'll have to fight with the locals over a funky dress. But it will be cheap. The cafe on the corner sells the second best (not to be confused with second hand, second best!!) apple-pie in town. On Saturday morning the-re's a biological food market and also some second hand stuff, lots of records for the vinyl-freaks among us. But for clothing the Monday-market is better. A bit outside of the city center there's a big three-floor market with all sorts of second hand stuff. Het Goed, on the Haarlemmerweg (turn right at the Shell-station). Good books, some records, and lots of crockery. Cheap but a bit of luck has to be on your side. But you might go home with some funky clothing. In the eastern part of town, (take tram 9 or 14 and get off at the HEMA) there's a Humana, they sell clothes for a good cause, at least that's what they claim. Anyway. Two floors of clothing, dirt-cheap, lots of old Levis, and lots of ugly grandma clothing but once and a while really nice clothing, usually for less than
10 euro's.

In this eastern part of town there's another big second hand store, called the Lokatie, (behind the HEMA). This is the place to search for old vinyl records (1,20 or 2 euro's). For more second hand records and CD's Concerto in the Utrechtsestraat is your best bet. Well organised and big.
Plaatboef in the Rozengracht is smaller but offers a good stock too.

Did some second hand shopping in every city you have visited and need to make some space in your full backpack? Get rid of your books at Booktraffic on the Leliegracht or trade them for cheap second hand English pocket-books.
On the corner of this canal there's Villa Zeezicht. Take a seat, watch the locals go by while you wait on your apple-pie for 30 minutes. But those 30 minutes are worth it, as you soon find out! End your vintage tour with the best apple-pie in town.
0, you don't like shopping?? Well, in that case forget all the names mentioned above and just make it to Villa Zeezicht. Because that pie is simply unbeatable.

When you've bought all this really great stuff, of course you want to wear it straightaway;There a lots of launderettes in Amsterdam so take your pick.

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