Museums in Amsterdam
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Museums in Amsterdam

NachtwachtIf you are going cultural in Holland its a must to have visited some of the museums in Amsterdam.There are more then fifty museums you can expore while visiting Amsterdam. If you like traditional art then the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum are the places to be for you. If you are more into modern art you might try the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam or the Cobramuseum in Amstelveen.

Besides art in the museums you can find a lot of art galleries in the Spiegelkwartier and in the Jordaan.

NachtwachtIf you are in to history you will find there are a lot of interesting places to visit.

The former hiding place, where Anne Frank wrote her diary, is now a well-known museum you should not forget to visit when you are staying in Amsterdam.

The are many old historic buildings in Amsterdam like the Oude Kerk (old Church) and the Nieuwe kerk (Nieuw Church) which have a rich history and ther are many, many grachten panden (channel buildings) which date from the 18 th century you can visit.

NachtwachtIn the Maritime Museum you can find out everything about the Dutch maritime history of the Netherlands. The jetty outside the Museum provides a permanent berth for a replica of the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam. Actors playing the sailors provide a 'life-like' impression of life on board the Amsterdam.

If you are into science then a visit to NEMO, the biggest science centre of the Netherlands, is worthwhile. As an educational attraction for science and technology Nemo takes you on a trip between fantasy and reality.

And Amsterdam would not be Amsterdam if you could not find a mariuhana, erotic, torture and sex museum in Amsterdam. So there is something for everyones taste to be find in Amsterdam.
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