Location Maps of Shops And Markets in Amsterdam

Lets get ready for some serious shopping ;-) Amsterdam has lots and lots of shops. The ones listed here are the top shops of Amsterdam. From trendy and expensive to dirt cheap, you will find it here.

Traveling can be expensive so we picked some food , goods and other stores for you to get your food at a reasonable price. The second hand shop might come in handy when you got into Amsterdam in such a hurry to find that coffee shop before checking in to your hostel or hotel, that somehow, when you finally arrive at the place you have booked , you ended up there with no luggage. ;-P and no recollection where you left your stuff.

Yes, you can laugh about that ( I did it more than once, the laughing that is) but don't say I did not warn you. Don't rush up to that coffee shop , get checked in first. Be sensible, well at least for the first couple of hours :-)

Well enough said.
Enjoy Amsterdam ,


Extra information

use this map to navigate though the shopping streets of Amsterdam

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