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Jonas Houseboat Amsterdam

Dijksgracht 10 Amsterdam

Price Range Jonas Housebout Amsterdam From: 35.00 - € 45.00

Jonas Houseboat AmsterdamIt is the Adventurous, the Zen-Minded, the Artistic and the Romantic that are triggered most by Jonas Houseboat.

Well equipped and comfortable its nevertheless devoid of three star ambitions. Sometimes the meeting point of Jonas Artist friends and filled with ideas and materialisations actually this whole canal is unusual even for amsterdam standards paramount in the high numbers of happy inhabitants. Funky, alternative and as green as possible we enjoy our campfires with a glass of wine on a summers night.

A microcosm clamped in between the old and new architectural centres it should be the perfect hub for a little exploration outside your own....

Surrounded by other boats and little gardens you feel like you are in a small oasis just outside the very centre. Like a bunch of holiday homes, a row of houseboats stretches along the raildike. ( no worries trains must roll very slow here so no loud disturbing noise) With the speedy Gateway that is Central Station at ten minutes walk and inbetween easy connect cartunnels we consider ourselves well connected to any location on the planet no matter who says what. Very beautiful in summer, almost forgotten by Big Brother, this spot has true holiday relaxation just outside the somewhat funfairlike centre.

You will stay inside a floating household with 2 double rooms available for guests. Shared shower and toilet. Well equipped Kitchen with free coffee and tea. Nice views of the water and slight rocking will relax you after enjoying the intense city centre. Rooms and bathroom are fresh and light. Two single beds can be set either together or apart. As boats always carry some spiders we do not recommend our place to arachnofobics!

- TV and CD player in the room
- Fridge and microwave.
- Terrace and campfire (sometimes)
- Central Heating
- Noiseless Personal Fridge

Minimum stay is two nights.Thanks and CU Soon!

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