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Hotels in Amsterdam

Price Range Hotels From: 20.00 - € 140.00

Amsterdam has a wide variety off budget and top places to stay. In this section you will find good budget hotels in Amsterdam. Have a look at the reviews and ratings of the different hotels, and you will definitely find something that fits your needs.

Get To Know Amsterdam...
Amsterdam is an unusual city for it has all the advantages of a big city such as culture, history, food, entertainment and good transport. On the other hand the centre of Amsterdam is very small and more village like for most sights are within walking distance.

Like most metropolises Amsterdam is lively and full of mixed cultures. Which also means that except for the characteristics of its long history such as the beautiful historical buildings, the canals and interesting museums you will also find signs of other cultures. This can be found in the offer of clothes, food and music e.g. Amsterdam is often considered as the trend setting city of Europe with regard to clothes, food and music.

Just like the rest of Holland, Amsterdam is compact and easy to navigate by foot, bike, tram or even by boat. But if you don't know your way around Amsterdam, don't worry.
Getting directions and suggestions from the friendly inhabitants is a joy. Dutch people speak at least two or three foreign languages and if you're luckily they'll even guide you around in Amsterdam and show you places where no tourist would go...

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