Barneys Coffee shop Amsterdam
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Barneys Coffee shop Amsterdam

Haarlemmerstraat 98 1013 EW  Amsterdam

Coffee shops in Amsterdam Barneys Brasserie is open from 7 am till midnight.

Famous for its breakfast and lunch menu and value for money, it's also a great place to hang out.

Higherst quality and value has been their moto since the beginning, and that applies today more then ever.

Special DJ evenings friday, saturday, sunday and monday from 8pm till closing time.

Coffee shop review & ratings
xx Alone in Amsterdam
June 14, 2009, 11:31:49 AM by Tom
I'm 20 and interning in Germany with only a 20 minute plane ride from amsterdam to my "house".  I am here alone and due to where i work, don't intend on making many pot smoking friends.  I want to visit amsterdam while in Germany cause its cheaper to get there. I was thinking about finding a youth hostel near a coffee shop and just sitting there for the next two days blazin alone. Is this safe? Would it be safer to get a hotel? i don't want to go to the Red light district and look for any women. i'm  there only to smoke and maybe go to the museums.  As a 20 year old American is this safe for me to do? any recommendations for me?

Thanks in advance
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xx amnesia
March 26, 2008, 10:07:40 PM by mike
i thought as far as tourist friendly i should mention how pleasurable a smoking experience i had- the staff said hello on the way in, good bye when i left- spoke english the Entire time and was very friendly and happy- probably stoned but hey, it IS a coffeeshop!!I'd give it a ten!
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xx can you buy pot in hostels over the counter?>
October 28, 2005, 09:13:19 AM by jaymes
 just a question ive been wondering, is their any hostels that anybody knows of that have hash and weed on sale for people staying there???,...ive been to amsterdam once, and my hostel didnt, but a friend told me, his friend was in one that had weed on sale inside,...has anybody else heard of this?, and know wut places sell inside?, thanks,
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xx Cough, cough Coffeeshops
June 03, 2004, 10:14:35 AM by admin
There are something like 280 coffee shops in Amsterdam. Do a bit of exploring and see what you find - you
might be surprised.

Even if youíre used to smoking cannabis, still be careful on your first time out to a coffee shop. The weed here is probably stronger than anything youíre used to and will knock you right on your ass if youíre not careful.

If you should start to feel sick or just not quite right, drink some sugar water or drink some coke, that contains a lot of sugar too) to get you (or your friend) back on your (his/her) feet.
Smoking in the streets, while not officially permitted, is tolerated as long as you show courtesy to others, meaning you shouldnít smoke around little kids or the elderly.

Donít be ripped off! Most places are very meticulous in weighing out their goods and you donít have to worry. However some of the touristy places will sell pre-rolled spliffs that maybe arenít quite what they should be. The Dutch roll their joints with tobacco and the amount of tobacco in these pre-rolled spliffs might be more than you bargained for.

Most places that offer prerolls offer pure joints as well, just ask.
Marijuana is generally sold in grams, from two on up. (between 6 and 8 euroís)
The one exception to this rule seems to be The Grey Area, started by two American ex-pats. They sell the typical American Dime and quarter bags here and they have a wide selection of bongs.
My advice though, if youíre not used to them go Dutch and stick with the spliffs. Tongue

By the way: Drinking alcohol and using drugs involves various risks. So, if you want to avoid risks, then you
should avoid alcohol and drugs. If you decide to drink alcohol or use drugs, it is your own responsibility.
Info alcohol : 0900 500 2021 (09.00 - 17.00h)
Info drugs : 0900 1995 (13.00 - 21.00h)
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