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Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam

Havikslaan 2, Amsterdam

Price Range Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam From: 30.00 - € 40.00

Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam This B&B is located 5 minutes from the city centre by public transport (day and night available). The night bus stops right in front of our house. Your host, Mrs. Schneider has a basic 2 person guest room with separate beds, a basic single person bedroom and a shared toilet and bath-room. There is also a TV/video (cable) in the room. She will ensure that you have an enjoyable stay and give you any information on the must see attractions in the area.

There is free a parking space available in the near the house. Nearby is a national park (walking) and a recreational area where you can swim and explore the surrounding area. There is also an abundance of other activities in the area such as hiking, tennis, fishing, cycling, golf etc.

Our B&B is open all year round and the staff speak a number of languages including Spanish, English and Dutch.

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